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17th October 2022

Suzuki fits Datatool tracker and immobiliser to help protect its King of Quads

Red Suzuki 750XP in forest

Suzuki’s range of KingQuad ATVs now come fitted with an enhanced security package courtesy of partnering with Datatool and Datatag.


Suzuki has been working with Datatag for over 10 years and has recently bolstered its security offering by partnering with Datatool to fit a Thatcham accredited tracking and immobiliser system as well.


The Datatool Stealth S5+ tracker and immobiliser actively protect the ATV against unauthorised movement as well as providing hotwire/forced ignition protection. It has been developed for the harsh environments that ATVs must withstand. Waterproof with a built-in antenna, the Datatool Stealth is a cutting-edge tracking device which benefits from a UK-based 24/7/365 Theft Monitoring Team and is 4G-enabled for superior tracking abilities as well as providing tow-away alerts and key cloning protection.


The Datatool Stealth S5+’s immobilisation works on the basis of ‘no tag, no start’. If the rider ID tag is not present then the ATV won’t start, even if the original key is used to start the machine. The immobilisation automatically re-arms once you walk away from the vehicle to ensure your ATV is always protected.


The Datatool App enables customers to see the location of their ATV in real time as well as journey history so you can see where the vehicle has been used. The App is available for Android and iOS phones.


The system has been rigorously tested for quality, functionality, electro-magnetic interference resilience and the ability to resist physical and electronic attack from a vehicle thief. It also meets manufacturing quality standards for vehicle tracking systems and complies with the required European Directives. With a 96% recovery rate, the Datatool Stealth S5+ is a proven security system that is designed and made in the UK.


The CESAR security system by Datatag is the official security initiative of the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) and is fitted as a standard feature on all new Suzuki utility ATVs.


Datatag is a unique forensic marking system comprised of four layers that will never wear out or need servicing. Once fitted, it gives your ATV a unique fingerprint with an identity that cannot be erased, however hard a criminal may try. Your Suzuki ATV becomes four times less likely to be stolen and six times more likely to be recovered as its virtually impossible to defeat this multi-layered system; giving you the peace of mind.


The four layers of the security system comprise of UV etchings, RFID chips, microscopic datadots, and tamper evident warning labels.


The benefits of the UV etchings are that the unique alpha numeric code given to each etching combined with Datatag's 24/7 contact details are permanently etched into the panels and frames of your Suzuki ATV. They are also only visible under ultraviolet light, which means they won’t deface the appearance of your machine as they are designed to penetrate the paint. This also makes the process of identifying a stolen ATV quicker and easier for police.


The RFID chips which are hidden inside the seat, wiring looms and frame components of your Suzuki ATV are near impossible to find. But above and beyond that, they are not the standard RFID chips which can be overwritten or destroyed, as they are security chips with a unique alpha numeric number etched into the circuit board.


The Datadots are transparent microscopic plastic discs that are less than 1mm in diameter printed with a unique alpha numeric code and list Datatag's telephone number. They are applied in hidden places all over your Suzuki ATV resulting in hundreds within the system. Yet only one is needed to prove ownership.


Tamper evident warning labels also have a unique alpha numeric number and are placed on the frame. If these are interfered with, they will disintegrate and be the first clear visible sign that the ATV has been tampered with. It’s especially good to keep an eye out for these labels when purchasing parts.


Mark Beeley, Head of ATV & Marine for Suzuki GB said, “We’re pleased to be able to offer these security features included within the cost of our ATVs. A Suzuki KingQuad is an invaluable asset to a wide variety of businesses, particularly in the agricultural industry, so we understand the need to protect them as much as possible. We hope customers will see the new tracker and immobiliser system as another added benefit and an additional reason to choose Suzuki.”