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When it comes to recommending the oil for your Suzuki there is only really one choice – Motul.

Shared Passion

They’ve been our lubricant partner for over 30 years and together we’ve won world and national championships with our high-performance motorcycles. Motul only make oil and they even invented synthetic oil!

Leading the Way

Motul has always looked to innovate and lead the way within the lubricant industry. They have proven this consistently over the past 60 years.

• 1958 they introduced the first multi-grade lubricant

• 1966 they created the first semisynthetic lubricant

• 1971 saw the first fully synthetic 4-stroke lubricant on the market utilising Ester technology

• 2011 they introduced Ester Core Technology through 300V Motorsport line and 300V Factory line

• 2016, they launched the first ever hybrid-specific 100% synthetic lubricant range on the market

That’s why, Suzuki only recommends Motul.

Motul oil

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