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WOR Events KingQuad 500 Review

WOR Events KingQuad 500 Review Its called the "KING" Quad for a reason..

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We have been using the Suzuki Kingquad now for well over 12 months.. and get asked lots of questions about it by our riders , land owners, farmers, and the like ..

"What are they like to the others you've had ?", "Are they as good as I've heard?", "Is that Reliable ?" ETC ETC ... We always give the same answers .... "These are BY FAR the best quads we have used, they are most certainly as good as you have heard, and the reliabilty is unquestionable".... And we are not fabricating the truth in anyway shape or form. Even the pricing of them is superior to other quads out there and not to mention the service costs...

We have the 500 ...there are many size options...but for mpg , usabilty etc we chose the 500 non power steering version..

Downtime for us, IE the quad being in a workshop getting repaired, is as annoying and distrupting as a powercut in the middle of watching your favourite film or cooking you tea ...These machines are only ever in the workshop for a routine service when the required amount of hours has been reached to give them an oil change etc.

Not once in the 14 months we have run them have we had so much as a single fault...It's quite astonishing as we do really work our quads hard as you can imagine ...working on and preparing the toughest and gnarliest tarcks around Wales and Shropshire to name a few counties, on an almost weekly basis, asking a hell of a lot out of these sturdy machines.

We have tried the majority of the "other" makes out there and have always had issues and niggles with each and every one of them, overheating problems, diffs going, drive shafts popping, bearings giving up, gearboxes failing, non starting problems, radiators busting open, the list goes on.... The SUZUKI KINGQUAD, Nothing !!! and thats as genuine a fact as we can tell you.

Now you may think that we get given these, dont have to pay for servicing, and just push them hard as they are not ours...A sponsor provides them and we just use and abuse we are obviously going to sing the KINGQUADS praises....Well you could not be more WRONG ...We have bought ours, paid for up front 12 months ago..We pay for all our servicing and parts (not that it needs anything) ..We look after it and use it hard for its purpose. 

Yes we do have some help from a fantastic dealer, MIKE PRYCE MACHINERY in Llanymynech not far from Oswestry and Welshpool and SUZUKI ATV have been kind to us with banners and some tape etc..Also loaning us a spare quad for a good period of time allowing us to build and cover our events with the added comfort of knowing "two" of these super reliable beasts are out there at our events, pulling in broken down bikes, helping with injured riders, keeping the courses flowing, safe and in good shape.

I myself have personally used all makes of Quads since doing the WOR thing for all these years and all I can say about this current model SUZUKI KINGQUAD is that it feels and has the quality of how the old Honda's used to be..The late 90's to say 2006's ..They where the benchmark of Agricultaural 4X4 work quads, then they went downhill and the others caught up...Resulting in these superb machines, for as far as I am concerned, now are holding the mantle as the best out there in its field ..Excuse the pun!! 

I asked Alwyn, my right hand man at WOR to sum up the Suzuki for me for this review, Remember he is on them more than me and has been provided with many a Quad over the years for his duties by myself and WOR...His very short and simple answer speaks volumes  "Simply the best quad we have ever had!".. Nuff said...

Another astonishing fact on these machines before I sign off is the fact that in the right hands, Martin Benbow for instance, These machines can be raced, in standard trim almost, and be totally competitive in the 4x4 Expert class, They are quiet, dont break in "race" conditions either and then a simple jet wash and it is good to go again. Race on a Sunday, Work on a Sunday night / Monday ...  

Thanks for reading..

Steve Ireland - WOR Events ...